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Bringing Art to MSE Walls: Reinforced Earth as a Canvas

Art has the power to transform public spaces and bring communities together. Over the years, several talented artists have used Reinforced Earth walls as a canvas to create stunning murals. These masterpieces have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of our walls but have also instill …

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Facts About Stray Currents in MSE Walls

Stray currents can develop around electrified railway tracks powered by direct current. The rails serve as conductors for the return of current from a train to the substations. When the rail is not perfectly insulated from the ground, some of the current can discharge or “stray” int …

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Method of Galvanizing MSE Wall Soil Reinforcements

The service life of an MSE structure depends on the select backfill environment and the method of galvanizing the soil reinforcements. As per the AASHTO LRFD Specifications, metallic soil reinforcement and connection hardware shall be galvanized in accordance with AASHTO M111 (ASTM A-12 …

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Corrosion Tests for MSE Backfill

In addition to measuring strength properties for MSE wall select backfill, electrochemical tests must be performed to determine the soil’s corrosivity when using steel soil reinforcements. The AASHTO design model for MSE wall soil reinforcements is based on sacrificial thickness, mean …

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