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Bringing Art to MSE Walls: Reinforced Earth as a Canvas

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Reinforced Earth Canvas Walls

Art has the power to transform public spaces and bring communities together. Over the years, several talented artists have used Reinforced Earth walls as a canvas to create stunning murals. These masterpieces have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of our walls but have also instilled a sense of pride and identity within the communities where they’re located. Here are just a few of these incredible murals:

Project: Clear Creek – Federal Station
Location: Denver, CO
Artist: Addison Karl
Mural: “Doradus” 2016


Project: Woodhollow Dam
Location: Austin, TX
Artist:  Bill Tavis (Photo Credit)
Mural: “Wildflower Meadow” 2019


Project: I-295 from NC 87/210 to US 401
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Artist: JP Jermaine Powell (Photo Credit)
Mural: “We Are Fayetteville” 2022


Project: MARTA NE Line Crash Barriers
Location: Buckhead, GA
Artist: Krista M. Jones aka JONESY (Photo Credit)
Mural: “Great Blue” 2019



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