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The Undisputed Market Leader in Design-Build Projects

With over 250 design-build projects completed or ongoing, our engineers and project managers have developed the expertise needed to solve problems at various stages of a project, while delivering designs and materials on a reliable schedule. Our ability to work well with the design-build team helps push the project in the right direction, and our flexibility is valuable when the project needs are developing on site, the construction schedule changes, and priorities shift. Whether the project calls for a single retaining wall or more than a hundred, we will help make it a success.

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Full Range of Services

We work with owners, consultants and contractors to provide a full range of professional services at every stage of your project:

Concept and Feasibility

We will meet to discuss concepts, options, and budget. Our extensive experience and creativity takes us beyond the obvious answers to find the best solutions for each situation. We can also suggest specifications, construction methods, and aesthetic treatments to help you achieve your project goals.


During the procurement phase, we will produce a preliminary design that provides more detail on how our solution will be applied. This includes drawings, quantity estimates, timeline, and firm pricing.


Professional engineering is our strength and your benefit. Upon contract award, you will see the value of our experience as we prepare appropriately detailed and professionally sealed drawings, calculations, and, if needed, specifications. These documents will not only help you to obtain pre-construction approvals but also will guide you through the construction process.

MSE Wall at North Tarrant Express Highway
The North Tarrant Express project used over 2-million square feet of MSE walls over a several mile stretch of highway.

Material Delivery

Once we have client approval, the manufacture and delivery of specialized materials can begin. Materials are fabricated at manufacturing facilities that are approved and monitored by RECo and, in many cases, have years of experience producing RECo products. This work is performed under quality-controlled conditions to ensure conformance to project specifications.


Materials are scheduled to arrive at the job site either just in time for installation or on a convenient schedule for onsite storage. A RECo project manager coordinates these material deliveries and assists with on-site construction advice. You will also receive our Construction and Quality Control Procedures Manual and our construction procedures video, Constructing Strength, for reference throughout the project.

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