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GeoTrel™ Wire-Faced MSE Wall System

GeoTrel is a wire-faced temporary MSE wall system, consisting of high-strength extensible geosynthetic reinforcing strips (GeoStrap™) connected to wire mesh facing. The system provides a cost-effective solution for temporary wall applications where aesthetics is not a critical requirement, precast concrete facing is cost prohibitive, or heavy lifting is not feasible. GeoTrel is ideal for temporary structures used in roadway widening, bridge phasing, and surcharges for inducing settlement.

GeoTrel™ Construction Diagram
Section: Basic GeoTrel MSE wall components.

The 2-inch wide GeoStrap consists of high tenacity polyester fibers (HTPET) encased in a polyethylene sheath. The high tenacity polyester is the load bearing element, while the sheath protects the yarns from installation damage and degradation. Although they are considered extensible, the durability and strength characteristics of the GeoStrap exhibit inextensible behavior for easy installation.


  • Lightweight facing material, no heavy lifting needed.
  • Delivery of materials is faster than when using precast concrete facing.
  • GeoStrap exhibits less extensibility than traditional geogrid, allowing for predictable and forgiving construction
  • GeoStrap connection to wire facing is fast and requires no tools
  • Ideal for temporary walls, and can be deconstructed easily if needed