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Bridge Applications

The Reinforced Earth Company specializes in bridges and structures related to bridge applications:

MSE Application on Bridge Overpass


We have designed numerous ramps, abutment retaining walls, and arch bridges for pedestrian crossings over and under roads, railroads, and waterways. In particular, our MSE walls are an ideal solution due to the ability to design a narrow double-faced structure or a tiered ramp.


In addition to providing complete bridge designs with our prefabricated arches, we have developed the expertise needed to accommodate the wide variety of bridge configurations used by state DOTs and local governments. We’ll design the bridge abutment to fit the needs of the bridge, such as:

  • Service life
  • Pile lateral loads or spread footing bearing pressure
  • Backwall soil reinforcements
  • Approach and sleeper slab
  • Traffic barrier
  • Drainage structures
  • Electrical conduits
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Complex geometric criteria
  • Phased construction needs


Wildlife crossings are used where a high volume of animals cross human-made structures or barriers. It makes for a safe passage, preventing injuries to both the animals and humans.

Bridge Structure Applications

Arch Bridges

Single or multiple-span arch bridges are available, with a wide range of arch profiles. These bridges are fully-engineered by RECo, making use of precast concrete arches and accompanying retaining walls, traffic barrier and coping.

Bridge Approach Embankments

Rather than building a sloped earth embankment, our retaining walls provide the means for reducing the earthwork needed, creating large grade separations to allow more space to build or avoid adjacent structures.

Bridge Abutments

Bridge abutment design can vary greatly depending on the bridge superstructure and foundation. We’ll accommodate bridge abutments on piles, on spread footings, and even box beams supported directly on the fill behind the retaining wall. We’ll work with the bridge engineer to ensure all considerations are made, including loading and geometry constraints.

Soil Reinforcing Strips Aligned to Avoid Soil Piles in Acute Corner
Soil reinforcing strips configured to avoid piles on an abutment acute corner.

Bridge Widening

The country is continually improving and upgrading transportation infrastructure, which means some bridges must be replaced or widened to allow more traffic volume. Use our expertise to help expand old structures or efficiently replace them in limited space using proven and safe design-methods for common temporary retaining walls or unconventional shored MSE retaining walls.

Shored Reinforced Earth Construction to Widen Existing MSE Wall
Widening an existing MSE wall abutment using Shored Reinforced Earth.

Phased Construction

Similar to bridge widening, temporary retaining walls are an important aspect of phased construction. Our temporary MSE retaining walls for bridge construction phasing are designed to be sacrificial, removed, or work with the final structure in the permanent condition.

Temporary Wire Mesh MSE for Construction of Bridge
A temporary wire mesh MSE wall is used for phased construction of a bridge abutment.

Accelerated Bridge Construction

All of our solutions are prefabricated and ideally suited for Accelerated Bridge Construction. The materials will be waiting on-site for the moment it is time for installation. Installation is rapid and predictable. With the proper planning, we will meet your aggressive construction schedule and provide on-site support as needed.

Modular Abutment Wing Walls for Bridge Construction
Modular abutment wing walls for Accelerated Bridge Construction.

Heavy Construction Loads

The largest loads experienced by structures are often temporary and during construction. We’ll work with the contractor and engineer to ensure that cranes and other heavy equipment can be safely supported by our structures in temporary conditions, and we’ll adjust our design if needed to accommodate the construction procedure.

MSE Wall Embankment Holding Crane for Bridge Construction
MSE wall embankment designed for crane loading during construction of a bridge.

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