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FanWall™ Free Standing Sound Barrier

FanWall® - Free Standing Sound Barrier Along Road

FanWall is a free-standing sound barrier consisting of full-height or stacked concrete panels, joined by simple stainless steel wire rope connections.

The wall’s stability is obtained with the proper combination of height, panel thickness and offset depth. The offset depth results in a trapezoidal pattern, giving the wall it’s fan-like appearance and resistance to overturning.

Diagram of Basic Components of FanWall
Plan and Elevation: FanWall basic components.

FanWall can be set on a concrete leveling pad or gravel pad. Panels are placed according to the required layout, and are connected in two to four locations to an adjacent panel. The wire rope is fed through a recess in one panel, and looped around to lock two panels together with a bolted connection. The wall is backfilled to a one or two foot embedment depth on both sides.

FanWall Wire Rope Connection Diagram
Partial Plan: Wire rope connection assembly.

FanWall was first used in the mid-1970’s, and has a history of applications as an economical sound barrier, as well as protective or security structures for the military and other sites.

Construction Worker with FanWall in 1970s

Benefits of the FanWall Free Standing Sound Barrier:

  • Self-supporting design and footprint eliminates the need for deep foundation support.
  • Durable precast units allow for a wide variety of surface textures on both visible sides.
  • Completed wall structures can be dismantled for re-use, modification or access.
  • System is proven and tested to meet AASHTO wind loading and military forced entry and ballistics.

Click to download:

FanWall® Sound Barrier PDF Thumbnail