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Retained Earth®

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Retained Earth® MSE Retaining Walls

Retained Earth is a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall system that uses steel two-wire wide ladders as soil reinforcement. The reinforcements are secured with a connector bar to clevis loops that are embedded in precast concrete facing panels.

The concrete facing panels and other facing elements are similar to those used with the Reinforced Earth® wall system.

Back face of a square panel with embedded clevis loops.

The reinforcing ladders may be used for efficiency in low-height wall or lightweight backfill situations, where tension is low and extra pull-out capacity is needed. Corrosion protection in the form of galvanization, or stainless steel, is included to achieve a design life of 75 years, 100 years, or more.

Benefits of Retained Earth Retaining Wall System:

  • Optional stainless steel corrosion protection of the ladders and connections for marine and brackish environments.
  • Inextensible soil reinforcements and connections are secure, simple and quickly installed.
  • Durable precast facing panels allow for a wide variety of surface textures and custom artwork.
  • All components are lightweight and designed in accordance with the highest AASHTO and FHWA standards.
  • Suitable and proven performance for extreme loading conditions and complex applications requiring service a service life of over 75-years.

Download the construction manual here: