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GeoMega® MSE Retaining Walls

GeoMega™ MSE Retaining Wall at Los Vaqueros

GeoMega is an MSE wall system whereby the soil reinforcing elements consist of high-strength extensible geosynthetic reinforcing strips (GeoStrap®) connected through a patented sleeve embedded in precast concrete facing panels. GeoMega MSE walls are ideal for construction in sea water and other aggressive environments.

Diagram of GeoMega MSE Wall Components
Section: Basic GeoMega Components.

The concrete facing panels generally come in three types: cruciform (5’ x 5’), square (5’ x 5’), and rectangular (5’ x 10’). Each panel shape has benefits related to differential settlement and aesthetics. The panels typically have a structural thickness of 5 ½”, which excludes aesthetic relief. Custom panel dimensions can be manufactured if necessary based on project needs. Joints between the panels have a ship lap, as well as geotextile on the back face, to provide adequate drainage of the structure while preventing loss of backfill. A catalog of corner elements and slip joint covers allow for complex horizontal alignments.

Cruciform panel with GeoStrap Sleeve Recesses
Back face of Cruciform panel with embedded GeoStrap Sleeve Recesses.

The synthetic connection is composed of a blow molded, polyolefin, omega shaped sleeve embedded in the facing panels. The 2-inch wide GeoStrap consists of high tenacity polyester fibers (HTPET) encased in a polyethylene sheath. The high tenacity polyester is the load bearing element, while the sheath protects the yarns from installation damage and degradation. Although they are considered extensible, the durability and strength characteristics of the GeoStrap exhibit inextensible behavior for easy installation.

Diagram of GeoStrap Connection
GeoStrap connection through embedded sleeve recess at the back face of panel.

Benefits of GeoMega Retaining Wall System:

  • High-strength GeoStrap soil reinforcements exhibit less extensibility than typical geogrids.
  • GeoStrap soil reinforcements and the patented connection are suitable for highly aggressive environments and corrosive soil conditions.
  • GeoStrap connection to precast facing panels is simple, quick, and requires no tools.
  • Similar shared benefits of Reinforced Earth® MSE walls.

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