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Industrial & Mining

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Industrial & Mining Applications

MSE Applications for Mining Industry

Our engineering staff continues to innovate for our clients on mining and industrial sites.

Our Structures Accommodate:

  • Extreme loads
  • Extreme height
  • Seismic loads and vibrations caused by site operations
  • Impact
  • Extreme temperature and weather conditions
  • Explosions
  • Fire

Underground TechSpan Precast Arches

Some Common Applications Include:

  • Site infrastructure
    • Haul roads
    • Bridges
    • Tunnels
  • Storage and movement of materials
    • Sloped and slotted MSE walls
    • Inverted silos
    • Reclaim tunnels
    • Containment dikes
    • Earth-covered storage bunkers
  • Support of machinery, facilities, processes, and other on-site operations
    • Crusher or dump walls
    • Raised foundations
    • Headwalls

Diagram Showing Various Uses of MSE Retaining Walls in Industrial Markets

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Mining Applications for MSE Retaining Walls Thumbnail

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