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Local Experience, Global Expertise

Our growth and diversity throughout the United States has always followed this mantra. We have developed “Local Experience” by establishing and maintaining eight (8) geographical regional offices, each dedicated to providing the absolute best client care in the industry. Through a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics of each geographical market, the development of strong professional relationships with Owners, Consultant Engineers, Contractors and Suppliers, and an appreciation of the technical challenges unique to each location, there are few challenges and applications that we have not encountered. Our vast experience encompasses over 45,000 structures designed, serviced, and constructed in the United States since 1971.

In addition, our clients can rest assured that through our commitment to share knowledge and expertise worldwide between our affiliated companies in 45 countries on six continents, we have the “Global Expertise” to provide experienced and proven solutions to virtually any challenge.

Map Showing All Company Locations

We are ENGINEERS. First and foremost, we are Civil, Structural, and Geotechnical engineers dedicated to providing solutions to our clients. Our Regional and Division Managers are experienced and motivated by the technical challenges required to develop unique and efficient product applications specific to each individual project from concept stage through execution and completion. Our Business Development Managers can provide education and training to your office staff and are skilled at working with our clients in unique project challenges, adapting our technologies to new situations, or developing completely new techniques.

Glass Door Inside Reinforced Earth Office in Virginia

Our team can provide preliminary feasibility studies, specification recommendations, drawings, quantity estimates, budgetary estimates, and final quotation contracts. All of our product solutions are designed by Regional Engineering professionals who are familiar with local codes, specifications, and geotechnical challenges. With a staff of over 60 engineers and design specialists, your project will be designed under the strict guidance of one of our licensed professional engineers who maintain registrations in all 50 states https://reinforcedearth.com/products/ .

Diagram Showing RECo Staff Experience

We are MANUFACTURERS. We control every step of the manufacturing processes of our most critical components. From Soil Reinforcement manufacturing in our facility in Houston to one our own Precast Manufacturing facilities in Texas and Florida, to our network of over 70 experienced subcontract partners nationwide, we develop the manufacturing schedule and monitor fabrication in real-time with programs specifically designed by us, and for us, to ensure timely deliveries.

Soil Reinforcement Facility in Houston, Texas

We are CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS. Upon completion of design, our local Project Managers will work closely with your team to develop material fabrication schedules to meet your needs and will utilize our sophisticated in-house material procurement systems to schedule and monitor fabrication to ensure timely deliveries. Upon material delivery, your Project Manager will also provide on-site technical assistance, recommended construction procedures, and be available for any technical issue or revision that may arise during the construction phase.

Group of The Reinforced Earth Company's Construction Staff

We are TEAM PLAYERS. All of our dedicated professionals have a common goal: to ensure that your project is handled seamlessly, cost efficiently, and with the highest safety and quality control standards in the industry.