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TerraTrel® Wire Mesh Facing Retaining Walls

TerraTrel® Wire Mesh Facing Retaining Wall

TerraTrel is a wire-faced MSE wall system, consisting of inextensible High-Adherence (HA) steel reinforcing strips or ladders with a bolted connection to the wire mesh facing. The system provides a cost-effective solution for wall applications where aesthetics is not a critical requirement, precast concrete facing is not necessary, or heavy lifting is not feasible. TerraTrel is also ideal for temporary structures used in roadway widening, bridge phasing, and surcharges for inducing settlement.

TerraTrel® Wire Mesh Facing Retaining Walls Diagram
Section: Basic temporary TerraTrel MSE wall components.

The reinforcing strips and ladders, as well as their connection to the wire mesh, have been designed and tested to optimize the pull-out and tensile capacity for various backfill types. The reinforcing strip is a 2-inch wide by 4mm thick strip, with a pattern of ribs for increased bond with the compacted backfill. Ladders may be used for efficiency in low-height wall or lightweight backfill situations, where tension is low and extra pull-out capacity is needed. Corrosion protection in the form of galvanization, or occasionally stainless steel, is included to achieve a design life of 75 years, 100 years, or more. For temporary walls, black steel is also an option.

For temporary solutions, geotextile is placed on the back face of the wire mesh, to allow for drainage and to prevent loss of backfill. For permanent solutions, a column of crushed stone is placed between the wire mesh and geotextile to protect the geotextile from UV light, while also giving the wall a more appealing look.

Bulldozer at Construction Site of TerraTrel Wire MSE Wall
A TerraTrel® wire MSE wall is constructed in a fill location, for carrying Class I Railroad during phased bridge construction.

Benefits of TerraTrel Wall System:

  • Lightweight facing material, no heavy lifting needed.
  • Inextensible soil reinforcements allow for predictable installation.
  • Delivery of materials is faster than when using precast concrete facing.
  • Bolted connection of soil reinforcements is quick and easy.
  • Ideal for temporary walls, and can be deconstructed easily if needed.