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TechWall™ Retaining Wall System

TechWall is a precast counterfort retaining wall system consisting of full-height wall facing units secured to a cast-in-place footing. The facing units are each cast with a counterforts on the rear side.

Diagram Showing the Basic Components of TechWall with Train
Section: Basic components of TechWall.

Panels are delivered with rebar dowels protruding from the bottom. The footing is formed, with rebar placed, and the panel dowels are tied in to provide the necessary embedment and development lengths. The cast-in-place footing is then poured, securing the panels in place.

TechWall™ Project Under Construction


  • Full-height monolithic precast units eliminate the need for soil reinforcements.
  • Suitable for narrow cut situations, or applications with extreme obstructions within the fill zone.
  • Durable full-height facing units allow for a simple appearance and a wide variety of surface textures, or custom artwork.
  • Simple and economical replacement to conventional cast-in-place cantilever wall designs.

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