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MSE Wall and Structured Art Gallery

Click through the gallery to browse some of the finishes and artwork we’ve applied to our structures.

RECo has developed a wealth of experience in combining art with engineering. Our large precast concrete facing panels provide a durable “canvas” for the artist, allowing for a design that stands the test of time. Our Reinforced Earth® MSE walls, T-Wall®, TechWall™, FanWall®, Post-and-Panel, and even precast traffic barrier are versatile mediums that are perfect for prominently displaying the unique history, values, interests, or brand of any community or property owner. Collaborating with the architect or artist, RECo’s engineers will incorporate the desired artwork into the design plans of the retaining wall. Final renderings can show the client the end result of the project. Our precast division will transfer the artwork onto the facing panels with great precision, providing the desired three-dimensional relief and surface textures. A finishing touch of color can be added by the artist or contractor on site. Retaining walls are abundant and serve a vital role in our infrastructure. However, they are often overlooked by the public or seen as purely functional. Murals and other forms of art help etch a community’s identity into the minds of residents and passersby. Whether it’s a simple repeating design or an elaborate mural by a local artist, The Reinforced Earth Company has the ability to turn your retaining walls into a visually pleasing work of art.

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