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Retaining Walls

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Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall Systems

Retaining walls are used for grade separation. There are many different types of panel retaining walls, and each has its own benefits based on factors such as the site’s geotechnical conditions, geometry constraints, the type of backfill that is available, the function or application of the wall, and whether it is in cut or fill.

MSE Retaining Wall with American Flag Custom Design A geotechnical engineer must consider these factors, and choose the most economical retaining wall option for the specific location on a construction project.

The design of a retaining wall system involves a complete understanding of the wall’s geometry, loading, function, foundation, environment, and materials. An Owner’s project team of engineers, contractors, and wall supplier must draw clear lines of responsibility to achieve a successful and safe project.

A geotechnical engineer must evaluate the subsurface, foundation bearing capacity, settlement, external and global stability, and the site’s seismic characteristics. Civil engineers overseeing the site design should make considerations for grading, drainage, and erosion control of the wall. Structural engineers ensure that the appropriate traffic barriers are specified and that the retaining wall will integrate properly with adjacent structures.

Applications include:

The retaining wall supplier has the best understanding of its wall system’s components and will handle the internal stability of the structure, and detailing of the specific components to accommodate the specified geometry as well as accommodating utilities and other obstructions behind the wall face.

RECo’s experienced engineers work alongside contractors, engineers, and architects to design Mechanically Stabilized Earth, cantilever, and modular gravity retaining walls that fill the needs of many grade separation requirements.