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Post-and-Panel Sound Wall System

Post-and-Panel Sound Wall System by Train

RECo’s post-and-panel sound wall system takes an innovative approach to a common solution. The wall consists of drilled caissons with prefabricated concrete posts and panels. The posts are structurally secured to the top of the caissons via a unique connection utilizing corrugated metal cannisters filled with structural grout. The precast posts are temporarily supported by means of post-tensioning, which eliminates the need for external bracing, and allows for alignment adjustments. The segmental stacked panels are set between the posts in a fashion common for post-and-panel construction.

Diagram Showing Post-and-Panel Sound Wall Construction
Section: Basic drilled shaft and post connection detail.

Post-and-Panel Sound Wall System

Benefits of the Post-and-Panel Sound Wall System:

  • Provides a minimal footprint for areas with tight right-of-way restrictions or access.
  • Unique post to caisson design allows for rapid construction and alignment adjustments.
  • Superior appearance and durability of concrete posts vs. typical H-Beams.
  • Post design and segmental units minimize overhead clearance requirements and heavy equipment needs.