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Highways & Roads

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A Variety of Solutions for Roadway Structures

It’s possible that you drive on top of, past, or under our structures every day. One area we excel the most is in our ability to deliver designs and materials to highway and road sites, helping keep contractors moving quickly and minimizing the effect of construction on the public’s commute. Our variety of products is widely used on public and private roadway projects. Our unmatched experience with the various specifications and typical design aspects for different agencies on projects of all sizes will benefit everyone involved.

United States Map Showing Highway and Roadway Projects

Roadway Embankments

Rather than building a sloped earth embankment, our retaining walls provide the means for reducing the earthwork needed, creating large grade separations to allow more space to build or avoid adjacent structures. We’ll provide a solution for efficiently building miles of roadway along a variety of foundation types, including soft compressible soil.

Sky View of Roadway Embankment

Arch Bridges and Tunnels

Single or multiple-span arch bridges are available, with a wide range of arch profiles. These bridges are fully-engineered by RECo, making use of precast concrete arches and accompanying retaining walls.

TechSpan Precast Arches on Bridge

Bridge Abutments

The transition from roadway embankment to a bridge can come in many forms. We’ll design our solution to accommodate the requirements and details indicated by the Owner’s engineer, and offer suggestions if needed.

Underneath View of Bridge Abutments

Temporary Roadway and Bridge Phasing

Highway construction often requires temporary shifts of traffic. RECo’s temporary wire mesh MSE retaining wall solutions allow for easy handling and installation, with the same load-carrying ability as precast concrete faced walls.

Bridge Phasing for MSE on Roadway

Temporary Bridge Phasing for Roadway

Traffic Barrier

Especially on lengthy sections of road, precast traffic barrier offers a faster solution than traditional cast-in-place barrier. On top of short height retaining walls, our wall system with integrated barrier makes the entire process even quicker.

Zoomed in View of Precast Traffic Barrier

Sound Walls

Our free-standing sound wall requires no deep foundation elements. Our post-and-panel sound wall allows for installation in areas of low height clearance. We can also design our precast traffic barrier to accommodate structure-mounted sound walls.

FanWall® - Free Standing Sound Barrier Along Road

Drainage, Electrical, and Intelligent Transportation Systems

A roadway embankment isn’t always as simple as a retaining wall, pavement, and traffic barrier. Our engineering staff has developed an expertise in devising ways of accommodating utility items of all types that may be located below ground, behind the wall face, and even running through or attached to the precast concrete.

Roadway Widening

Giving a road more capacity usually means making it wider. Our retaining wall products are suited for pushing a roadway width to the limits of the right-of-way, no matter how narrow or wide the available foundation footprint.

Service-life of 100 Years or More

An important factor in the design of any structure, our walls and arches exhibit extreme durability over time, and the design is optimized based on the service life needed.

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