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Sentinel Slide Repair

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Project Details

Location: Zion National Park, Utah
Owner: National Park Service
Contractor: Mendez Construction
Engineer: Federal Highway Administration; Boyle Engineering

In 1995 a massive earth slide dammed the North Fork of the Virgin River in Zion Canyon. The rerouted river destroyed the heavily traveled road on the opposite bank. Interim repairs were made to restore the roadway, including temporary bank stabilization using soil nails. As a permanent solution in 1996, a 22.5-foot tall T-WALL® was used for a new retaining wall to support the repaired section of road.

On June 29, 2021, Zion National Park experienced a flash flood that buckled roadways and left the area covered in a foot of mud. This T-WALL® was put to the test, being submerged and blasted with muddy floodwaters, debris, boulders, and tree limbs. While the flooding caused a lot of damage to the park area in general, the wall was left unscathed, confirming the durability of the T-WALL® system.

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