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Allegiant Stadium

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Project Details

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Owner: Las Vegas Stadium Authority
Contractor: Mortenson-McCarthy JV; Aggregate, Inc.
Engineer: Kimley Horn

The 2020 NFL season saw the Raiders moving to Allegiant Stadium, the team’s new home in Las Vegas. The new state-of-the-art stadium has a unique feature—the field rolls outdoors when it is not in use. Set on a large tray, the grass field includes an irrigation system and is moved outside the stadium to promote grass growth. RECo provided the mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls that surround the tray’s outdoor area adjacent to the stadium, creating a cohesive and appealing stadium ground.

The MSE walls were installed to create a 40-ft deep U-shaped hole for the stadium turf tray. The walls also serve to support the pedestrian access and gate area, an access road and a ramp to the field. A tiered MSE wall forms a ramp connecting the lower area to the street level. The MSE panels were cast with a plain finish and after the walls were completed, they were sandblasted to provide a uniform surface for decoration. The walls around the pedestrian areas have a 10-ft tall fence anchored to the top.

Partial plan view showing the three main perimeter walls in relation to the field tray outside Allegiant Stadium.

Select backfill in the Las Vegas area is commonly corrosive, so RECo used geosynthetic strips for soil reinforcement. The GeoStrap reinforcement is a high-strength extensible geosynthetic reinforcing strip connected through a patented sleeve embedded in precast concrete facing panels. GeoStrap reinforcement is ideal for construction in marine and other aggressive environments.

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