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Precast Coping

Precast coping is a solution for applying a uniform appearance along the top of a retaining wall, hiding the top edge of facing panels. It allows a contractor to set coping units along the top of the wall, greatly reducing the use of cast-in-place concrete. The coping units are typically ten feet long, and are designed to rest atop the retaining wall stabilized by their own weight. A moment slab or mechanical connection can be used for additional stability if needed.

Section: Typical precast coping.

Special coping units can be designed to accommodate pedestrian railing, fence posts, light poles, drainage inlets, drainage ditches, other odd geometry in the wall’s alignment. These are all items that can slow down a cast-in-place process, especially on long stretches of wall or large projects with many walls.

Typical 10-ft long precast coping unit.

RECo has vast experience with coping design, and continues to innovate to accommodate new applications and varying project requirements. The coping is standardized or custom designed to provide a cost-effective way to complete a retaining wall structure.

Use it when:

  • Hiding the top edge of retaining wall panels is desired.
  • Long stretches of retaining wall require coping on top.
  • Fence posts, railing or a drainage ditch is required at the top of the wall.
  • A reduction of cast-in-place concrete is desired.
  • Site conditions make it difficult to install cast-in-place formwork on top of the retaining wall.