RE/Tension - Precast Counterfort Retaining Wall

RE/Tension™ is a precast counterfort retaining wall system consisting of integral hollow box attached to the backside of standard MSE concrete facing panels stacked on a continuous, cast-in-place, reinforced concrete footing. The attached box serves as a form for a cast-in-place concrete column of which flexural rebar is carried and connected to the cast-in-place footing. The counterfort acts as an equivalent cantilever beam, which transfers horizontal earth pressures from the precast facing system to the concrete foundation. Depending on wall height and loading conditions a reinforced concrete footing may not be necessary and the box may be filled with select backfill material in lieu of concrete.

RE/Tension is a unique retaining wall solution that can be used for areas where constraints prohibit installation of linear soil reinforcements such as severe right-of-way restriction, large utility conflict, construction in rock cut conditions, and roadway widening. The system is easily constructed by pouring a continuous strip footing with protruding dowels and stacking the prefabricated precast concrete panels consisting of two elements, a U-shaped concrete counterfort box and standard MSE facing over the dowels in the footing and then onto one another in lifts. At periodic intervals, the counterfort blockouts are filled with concrete and reinforcing steel extended vertically as needed. This procedure continues with each successive row until the desired wall height is reached. RE/Tension can be easily combined with other Reinforced Earth Company wall systems using the same fascia panels and giving a uniform appearance to the entire structure.Benefits include:

  • Considerable advantages over CIP, both in construction time and quantity of materials
  • Simple, rapid, and predictable construction
  • Durable precast concrete offers a long service life with minimal maintenance
  • Superior appearance since the facing is highly suited for architectural finishes


"RE/Tension" is a trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.

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