TechSpan – Precast Arch

TechSpan® is a state-of-the-art, three-hinged precast concrete arch system that consists of half arch units that meet at the crown and are supported by a footing that is sized for site specific conditions. The innovation of this technology is to customize and optimize the system to each specific project’s special loading requirements. Design methods using Finite Element Method (FEM) accurately defines the optimal radius of curvature of the arch to minimize tensile stresses. Efficiency and economy of design increases progressively as the embankment height over the crest increases.

TechSpan generates a very competitive alternative system for the construction of bridges, culverts, rail/roadway tunnels, mining/industrial tunnels and pedestrian/animal crossings and can be used in combination with The Reinforced Earth Company’s MSE wall product line. Construction of TechSpan is simple, rapid, and predictable with a small crew and conventional equipment. The arches are built by assembling prefabricated concrete elements in a staggered and symmetrical pattern. The procedure allows for rapid installation without disruption to the flow of traffic. Benefits include:

  • Durable precast concrete offers a long service life with minimal maintenance
  • Erection is simple, rapid and predictable without disruption to flow of traffic
  • Advanced design procedures and unique fabrication capabilities provide the most efficient use of concrete and steel
  • Customize and optimize design for project specific loading conditions and geometry



"TechSpan" is a registered trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.

  TechSpan Bridge


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