Rt. 18, Sect. 2F, 7E & 11H, NJ

Rt. 18, Sect. 2F, 7E & 11H, NJ

Rt. 18, Sect. 2F, 7E & 11H
Reinforced Earth MSE precast arch wall
New Brunswick, NJ
New Jersey Dept. of Transportation
Conti Enterprises
Structural Services, Inc.
Gannett Fleming
Precast Systems, Inc.

The Reinforced Earth Company was contacted by Gannett Fleming in the Fall of 2002 to review the conceptual bridge design for the Rt.18 New George Street Bridge project.  In March of 2005 the projest was awarded to Conti Enterprises and subsequently Conti selected RECo to design and supply the precast arches and the MSE spandrel walls that comprise the core elements of the new bridge.

RECo's design employs the TechSpan™ Arch System which consists of segmental precast arch units that form a three hinged arch structure. These are the first TechSpan structures in the world to be constructed with lightweight concrete fill.  The behavior of the arch during backfill was different than those built with conventional granular fill therefore, additional steel reinforcement at the crown was provided for this crictical backfill operation.

The RECo project team included assistance from an affiliate company in Canada, Reinforced Earth CO., Ltd.  Having previously overseen installation of large arches on several project worldwide, RECo Canada provide critical technical assistanct to to field personnel ensuring a successful and troublefree installation.

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