Lion's Den: Six Flags Safari Adventure

Lion's Den: Six Flags Safari Adventure

RE Wall with Precast Coping Precast Barrier
MSE Precast Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall
Jackson, NJ


Lion’s Den

Six Flag’s Safari Off Road Adventure


Location: Jackson, NJ                    

Early February 2013, RECo was contacted to provide a design for a fast track project which comprised of a Reinforced Earth® (RE) wall around the new Lion’s Den at Six Flags Theme Park in Jackson, NJ.

The Lion’s Den is part of a new feature by the park called the Safari Off Road Adventure. The new ride is built on 350 acres and includes 1,200 animals from six continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions.  Safari Off Road Adventure takes guests on a rugged, open-air safari vehicle within close proximity to the animals while experienced guides narrate the journey providing an interactive experience.

RECo worked under a very tight schedule to finalize the design and fabricate materials so that the Lion’s Den will be ready for their Memorial Day weekend opening.

The project featured 3,350 SF of 5’ x 10’ rectangular panels with ashlar stone finish.

Due to bends in the RE Wall, special precast barriers with compound miter were required. To ensure accuracy of the design, the engineering team simulated the placement of barriers using a 3D AutoCad model. This attention to detail was crucial to insure the barriers will fit properly for this fast track project.

Additionally, cattle guards were to be installed behind the RE wall. A cattle guard is an element embedded into the soil that allows cars to pass over but does not allow cattle to pass. Due to the interference of the cattle guard with the typical precast barrier moment slab, an alternate moment slab was designed.

Precast coping was also provided with a special sloped top as a safety measure to ensure lions cannot walk along the top of it.

The installation started on 4/29/2013 and was completion on 5/10/2013.  The Safari and Lion’s Den opened to public visitors on 5/24/2013.