TerraTrel – MSE Wire Faced Retaining Wall

TerraTrel – MSE Wire Faced Retaining Wall

TerraTrel® MSE retaining walls are coherent gravity structures engineered to resist specific loading requirements. It combines the performance and structural integrity of Reinforced Earth and Retained Earth, with the economy of wire facing. The primary components of a TerraTrel wall consist of alternating layers of granular backfill, and soil reinforcements to which a modular wire facing is attached. Its strength and stability are derived from the frictional interaction between the granular backfill and the reinforcements, resulting in a permanent and predictable bond that creates a unique composite construction material. TerraTrel's wire facing and soil reinforcing elements are lightweight and easily transported to remote sites where they can be rapidly installed. The system can be designed to utilize discrete steel strip, welded wire bar mat or high-tenacity polyester based geostrap® soil reinforcements, depending on the site specific requirements of the project.

TerraTrel wire-faced earth retention systems provide a cost-effective solution for wall applications where aesthetics are not a critical requirement, the use of precast concrete facings is cost prohibitive, or extreme overall or differential settlements prevent the use of a standard one-stage MSE wall. TerraTrel may be used for permanent and temporary applications, such as federal lands service roads, low volume state and county roads, fire and logging roads, industrial sites, and phased construction. If significant settlements or preload conditions are anticipated for a structure, a two-staged MSE wall can be utilized combining TerraTrel and a precast or cast-in-place facing which is applied at the conclusion of the settlement period. Benefits include:

  • Standardized wire-facing units are easily adjusted for unexpected field conditions
  • Lightweight components are rapidly erected without the need for heavy equipment
  • Flexibility to accommodate significant post-construction settlement



"TerraTrel" is a registered trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.