Waterways & Dams

Waterways & Dams

MSE Walls Become the Central Aesthetic Feature at La Villita Apartment & Homes sticky icon

Rusticated, stucco-textured top panels above normal water elevation

Responding to specialized customer needs with beauty, performance, service life and economy – that perfectly describes Reinforced Earth® custom-engineered Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls from The Reinforced Earth Company (RECo). But sometimes the architecture drives the project and the engineering must follow. That was exactly what Cousins Properties, Inc., manager for land owner Las Colinas Land Limited Partnership, found as it began developing the La Villita luxury apartments and homes, in Irving, TX.

Los Vaqueros Reservoir

MSE Precast Retaining Walls


Los Vaqueros Watershed - Reservoir  Expansion


Location: Brentwood, CA

Rt. 18, Sect. 2F, 7E & 11H, NJ

Reinforced Earth MSE precast arch wall

The Reinforced Earth Company was contacted by Gannett Fleming in the Fall of 2002 to review the conceptual bridge design for the Rt.18 New George Street Bridge project.  In March of 2005 the projest was awarded to Conti Enterprises and subsequently Conti selected RECo to design and supply the precast arches and the MSE spandrel walls that comprise the core elements of the new bridge.