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Reinforced Earth® technology is used for the innovative and economical design of abutments for the direct support (abutment resting on a spread footing atop an MSE structure) and indirect support (abutment on piles with the MSE structure supporting the fill) of bridge superstructures. Reinforced Earth abutments can be engineered to withstand relatively light loads, such as those imposed by a single span bridge, to heavily loaded industrial and rail structures. Phased construction can be easily accommodated by the use of The Reinforced Earth Company’s Terratrel® MSE wire wall system.

The Reinforced Earth’s inherent flexibility makes it possible to construct bridge abutments on soft soils. In these situations, special foundations are not required, although in some cases simple soil improvement techniques are recommended. While traditional abutments often require deep foundations, Reinforced Earth abutments are typically founded at a shallow depth. This enables construction to occur outside the area influenced by the highway or railway, and without disruption of service.

Recent Projects

Reinforced Earth Product in Field
Driscoll Bridge, NJ