In the specialised civil engineering fields of soils and structures, The Freyssinet Group has an unrivalled reputation.

Globally the Group services 60 countries from 75 operating subsidiaries across five continents

The Reinforced Earth Company leverages its affiliations to respond to large-scale and design-build projects with innovative, cost-effective solutions and a team of design, manufacturing and on-site personnel with extensive civil engineering and geotechnical expertise.


Freyssinet Group

Soletanche Freyssinet
World leader in specialist civil construction and engineering, the Soletanche Freyssinet Group operates in the fields of soils, structures and nuclear technologies.

Through its trademarks Reinforced Earth, Freyssinet, Menard, and Nuvia, the group offers a range of technical solutions.

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Freyssinet Group

Freyssinet USA
Freyssinet is renowned in the fields of prestressing, stay cables, structural fittings and repair techniques.

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Menard, Inc
Menard, Inc. is one of the world's leading specialized ground improvement contractors.

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Retaining Wall Services

Nicholson Construction Company
Nicholson Construction Company, a geotechnical contractor specializing in deep foundations, earth retention, ground improvement and ground treatment.

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Freyssinet Group

Slaton Brothers, Inc. 
Slaton Brothers, Inc. specializes in the construction of segmental panel, interlocking block, wire faced, and timber retaining wall systems.

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